Physical Exam Patient (PEP)

Job Description:

A Physical Exam Patient (PEP) is a patient model, allowing faculty to teach physical exam components and medical students to practice physical exams.

PEPs work closely with the Doctoring Program's faculty and staff.

PEP Requirements:

  • Able to undergo numerous physical exams while wearing a hospital gown
  • Reliable, punctual and dependable.
  • Excellent communication skills -willingness and ability to provide students with constructive patient-perspective feedback if asked.
  • Educational training and/or professional experience in health professions, communication, behavioral sciences or education preferred.


  • PEP dates will primarily fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon (between 12:30p-5:30p). Any scheduling outside of this window will be announced in advance.
  • PEPs are scheduled based on the students' curricular schedules. Dates are provided as far in advance as possible.
  • All PEPs are temporary employees of the University of Michigan Medical School.

When applying for this position, please fill out the application form completely. Our HR representative may call you for additional information/screening depending on our current recruitment needs.