Standardized Patient (SP)

Job Description:

A Standardized Patient (SP) is a person who has been trained to accurately portray a specific patient role, assess clinical skills, and provide constructive verbal feedback about a student's performance.

SPs participate in the teaching and assessment of medical students at the University of Michigan Medical School.

Standardized Patient Program activities offer students the opportunity to develop, practice and enhance their medical interviewing skills, communication skills and physical exam techniques.


  • Meet specific case criteria (i.e. case demographics).
  • Availability for both training and interview/exam sessions of event.
  • Ability to undergo a physical exam (which involves wearing a hospital gown).
  • Reliable, punctual and dependable.
  • Have excellent communication skills and be willing and able to provide students with constructive feedback regarding their performance on the exercise.
  • Educational training and/or professional experience in health professions, communication, behavioral sciences or education preferred.


  • SP exercises are scheduled based on the students' curricular schedules. Dates are provided as far in advance as possible.
    • Trainings and events typically run during the week, Monday-Friday, between the hours of 7am and 6pm. Any scheduling outside of this window is provided notice.
    • All SPs are temporary employees of the University of Michigan Medical School.

Next hiring cycle timeline:

*Must be at least 18 years old, and Full-time UM employees are not eligible to apply.
  • Accepting applications: May 2019-April 2020
  • Phone screen applicants: January 2020-April 2020
  • Open interview for qualified applicants: May 2020

When applying, please fill out the application form completely. Our HR representative may call you for additional information/screening depending on current recruitment needs. SPs are matched with cases depending on the demographic required for various cases.

If we do not contact you right away we will keep your information on file for the future and contact you before a hiring cycle.

Student Practice Physical Exam Image