Parking Information

(Effective January 1, 2017)

Standardized Patients, Proctors, Physical Exam Patients (PEPs), and GTA/MUTAs are all considered temporary employees of the University of Michigan once hired into the SP Program. Temporary employees do not have the same parking options as full/part time UM employees (i.e. Blue, Gold, or Yellow permit lots or structures). Temporary employees must supply their own transportation and locate parking in the area. The medical campus parking structures are for patient appointment and patient visitors only---parking in these locations for SP-related work is prohibited! Failure to comply with parking regulations can lead to termination from the SP Program and University of Michigan.

See below for parking and transportation options.

Ann Arbor Area Parking and Public Transportation Options

Click here to open the above detailed, interactive map of Ann Arbor Area Park & Ride lots, parking structures located around campus, and AAATA bus stops in a new tab or window.

The interactive map features parking and ride options---clicking each option will allow you to view specific details (cost, timing, access points, etc), helping you determine the best parking option for you!

This map can be viewed from your cellphone, tablet, or computer---Mobile data usage rates may apply.


I want to drive and pay to park, what are my options?

I don’t want to pay for parking, what are my options?

Can I carpool?

If you are interested in carpooling with your fellow SPs, please contact us at to receive the link to sign-up.

Also, consider sharing an Uber or Lyft from a no-cost meeting point, such as one of the Park & Ride locations!

What about Uber or Lyft?

Where can I get more information about the AAATA bus system?

Ride Guides that contain full schedules can be found at Paper Ride Guides are available on all AAATA busses and in our office.

If you have a smartphone, consider downloading the AAATA app (mobile data usage rates may apply). For iPhones look for “The Transit ARB” app, and for Android download the “Ann Arbor Transit Info” app. The AAATA apps are especially helpful for stops not listed on the posted schedules. If the location settings are turned on on your cellphone, the app will use your location to give you the closest bus stop(s), arrival time for the next bus, and the route number.

All U of M employees that have a valid YELLOW M-Card can ride the AAATA buses for free. If you forget your M-Card or if your card is invalid the cost is $1.50. Change cards are issued through the fare box for change amounts of 25 cents or more when using $1, $2, $5 and $10; cash refunds or replacement cards are not eligible.

Where is my pick up/drop off at the Blake Transit Center? (BTC =downtown Ann Arbor transit hub)

Find your route number on the map below for the pick-up/drop-off location for your route.

Map of the Blake Transit Center

The bus routes you have provided don’t work for me, do I have other options?

Google Maps allows you to enter your location and your desired destination to find out the routes available to get you where you are going. Not only will it give you directions and routes custom to your location, you can also select your desired departure or arrival time.

Are there options for University lots?

Temporary university employees may purchase Orange Lot parking passes. Most Orange lots fill up very quickly, as staff and students utilize this option. Transport options to and from Orange lot parking = UM Blue bus (free), AAATA bus (free with badge), Uber/Lyft.

Please visit the University of Michigan Logistics, Transportation, and Parking website.

*NEW* East Ann Arbor employee shuttle service free with UMID Badge (effective February 5th, 2018):