Student Comments

"I was really nervous at the beginning, but I think the SPI was extremely dedicated, and this helped me relax a bit and even forget that I was being videotaped."

"This was a great experience! My patient played his character very well and made the whole experience very realistic. I really appreciated the feedback I was given immediately after the interview. This SPI exercise certainly gave me an excellent opportunity to practice my clinical skills and to find out which areas need improvement. I am confident that I will get better with each SPI experience."

"This is a great exercise! I was really nervous before I began but as I went through the interview I began to feel more at ease. This is an essential part of the curriculum that will be very helpful in the future."

"Immediate feedback from the SPI's was great to have in learning how I can improve my delivery of bad news to a patient. This was a great session to have."

"The SPI portrayed her character VERY well and helped me to fall right into the role of being the medical student. The SPI also provided very good feedback, both positive and critical. She mentioned the two major areas that I saw as my weaknesses and provided some useful tips on how to improve those sections. I felt like my time with the SPI was VERY well spent."