Physical Exam Patient (PEP)

Job Description
A Physical Exam Patient (PEP) participates in the teaching of physical exam components for medical students at the University of Michigan Medical School.

A PEP will work closely with teaching faculty and their students, acting as a "model" to teach physical exam techniques. There is not a role to portray, and there is not an evaluation of the student.

PEPs will work closely with the Doctoring Program's faculty/staff, which oversees the administration of the Medical School Curriculum.  

PEP Requirements:
  • Able to undergo numerous physical exams (involving wearing a hospital gown), which includes insuring there are no mobility issues that would inhibit their ability to participate.
  • Be reliable, punctual and dependable.
  • Have excellent communication skills and be willing and able to provide students with constructive feedback asked.
  • Educational training and/or professional experience in health professions, communication, behavioral sciences or education preferred.


  • PEP dates will primarily fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon (between 12:30p-5:30p), as this is when the Doctoring Program course teaches medical students. Any scheduling outside of this window will be provided notice.
  • PEPs are scheduled based on the students' curricular schedules. Dates are provided as far in advance as possible.
  • All PEPs are temporary employees of the University of Michigan Medical School, however do not receive any additional benefits associated with the University.

  • Ensure you fill out this form completely. Our HR representative may call you for additional information/screening depending on our current recruitment needs.